IP Communications Platform

Quick Features:

> Easy Installation, Intuitive Operation
> Centralized multi-site web-based telephony and voice mail administration
> Built-in, Integrated, Unified Messaging
> Seamless, Multi-site Networking
> Supports an Extensive Line-up of Panasonic Phone Options that include SIP/IP/Digital and DECT Portables
> Wide Range of Applications Support
> Robust Standard Two-year Warranty
> IP and SIP network communication server.
> Integrated unified messaging with up to 24 ports per unit
> Build systems for up to 8,000 users
> Reliable backup system to survive system failures
> Call center solution with voice guidance for customers
> High-performance applications

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Additional information

Main CPU

650 MHz Dual Core

Power Input

100 V AC to 130 V AC: 0.95 A/200 V AC to 240 V AC: 0.6 A; 50 Hz/60 Hz

Power Consumption (when fully mounted)

50 W (240 V: 132 VA, 200 V: 120 VA, 130 V: 104 VA, 100 V: 95 VA)

External Backup Battery

External battery port is not supported; Support UPS: USB2.0: 1 port (Connector: Type A)

Memory Backup Duration

7 years


Trunk – Dial Pulse (DP) 10 pps, 20 pps
Tone (DTMF) Dialling with Caller ID (FSK/DTMF)
1600 Ω Maximum

Extension – Dial Pulse (DP) 10 pps, 20 pps
Tone (DTMF) Dialling with Caller ID (FSK/DTMF)
SLC1 port supports PFT in combination with the LCOT1 port connected to an analogue trunk

Mode Conversion


Ring Frequency

20 Hz/25 Hz (selectable)

Operating Environment

Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Humidity 10 % to 90 % (non-condensing)

Conference Call Trunk

From 24 x 3-party conference call to 9 x 8-party conference call

Music on Hold (MOH)

1 port (Level Control: -31.5 dB to +31.5 dB per 0.5 dB)
MOH: Selectable Internal/External Music Source port

External Paging

1 port (Volume Control: -15.5 dB to +15.5 dB per 0.5 dB)

Serial Interface Port

RS-232C: 1 (maximum 115.2 kbps)

RJ45 Port

MNT Port: 1 (for PC connection): 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T (Auto MDI/ MDI-X)
LAN Port: 1 (for LAN connection): 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T (Auto MDI/ MDI-X)
WAN Port: 1 (for LAN connection): 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T (Auto MDI/ MDI-X)

Extension Connection Cable

SLT: 1-pair wire (T, R)

Air-cooling Method



430 mm (W) x 88 mm (H) x 340 mm (D)

Weight (when fully mounted)

Under 5.1 kg


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