UHF-Dual Channel Wireless Microphone


> UHF ultra-high frequency band dual true diversity reception, and PLL phase-locked loop multi-channel frequency synthesis technology.
> Provide options of 500 channels in total and 200 channels for each, true diversity reception, effectively avoid frequency interruption and extend the receiving distance.
> With SCAN automatic frequency scanning function, press the SET key before use to automatically find out the cleanest frequency point and keep it as the receiving frequency.
> The V/A screen is clear at any angle and displays the channel number and operating frequency at the same time, supports 8-level RF level display, 8-level audio level display, channel menu display, and muted display.
> Both balanced and unbalanced output ports are optional, meeting different equipment connection requirements.
> Super anti-interference ability can effectively suppress external noise interference and co-frequency interference.
> Infrared frequency matching function, which can synchronize the frequency of transmitter and receiver conveniently and quickly.
> Rich IF, magnetic and powerful sound, the essence of the vocal microphone.
> Touch button control is simple and user-friendly.

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470-510M 540-590M 640-690M 740-790M 807-830MHz, 5 bands, a total of 900 frequencies


Broadband FM

Number of Channel

100-200 per frequency band

Channel Interval

Multiples of 250KHz

Integrated SNR


Working Distance

The straight-line barrier-free distance can reach about 100m (working distance depends on many factors, including RF signal absorption, reflection, and interference, etc.)

Working Temperature


Receiving Mode

Double frequency conversion super-heterodyne

IF Frequency Rate

110MHz, 10.7MHz

Wireless Interface



12dB μV (80dBS/N)

Maximum Output Level


Sound Head

Moving-coil microphone or condenser microphone
Condenser microphone (lapel microphone, headset microphone)


The hand-held microphone has a built-in helical antenna, and the pendant transmitter uses a 1/4 wavelength whip antenna

Output Power

High power 30Mw; low power 3Mw

Power Supply

2 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries

Battery Lifespan

About 6h at 30Mw, it depends on battery capacity


0.34Kg (hand-held), 0.06Kg (lapel), (excluding battery)


268mm (L) × 35mm (D) (hand-held), 83mm × 63mm × 22mm (L*W*T) (lapel)


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