Rack Mount IP Network Audio Adapter


> Embedded with PC technology, built-in DSP Audio processing technology design.
> One way of EMC input interface, enter the emergency alarm voice signal straightly as the highest priority.
> 2 way auxiliary audio signal output interface, extensible external power amplifier, the standard XLR interface, with convenient wiring connection.
> It is compatible with any network structure such as routers, switches, bridge gateways, modems, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, and unicast.
> It Support remote hardware upgrade of the terminal, no need to upgrade at the local site, to reduce maintenance burdens and make more simple operation.
> With USB playback function. Can remotely play any song and play the previous one, the next one, pause, stop and other functions (or select panel keys for operation).

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Additional information



Network Interface

Standard RJ45 input

Transmission Rate


Support Protocol

TCP/IP,UDP,IGMP (Multicast)

Audio Format


Audio Mode

16 digit CD level

Sampling Frequency


Frequency Response


USB Interface

Support max 16G USB

Power Consumption


Power Supply

~220V 50Hz


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