1. Support ACCESS & SQL
  2. Offline
  3. Real-time
  4. Photo
  5. Mass
  6. Flexible user privilege
  7. Remote
  8. Multi-user supervision.
  9. Simply checking and query
  10. Revisable and printable report
  11. Report can be exported to EXCEL
  12. Card+password
  13. Alarm door left open (reauires door sensors)
  14. Alarm for invalid card
  15. First card


  1. Alarm for illegal break
  2. Unlocking at specified
  3. Integranted fire
  4. Anti-passback & anti-tail.
  5. ( Only available for 2-door controller and 4-door controller)
  6. Multi-card
  7. Emergency double
  8. In door population
  9. Unlocking based on internal and external
  10. Normal shift and multi-shifts time attendance management
  11. Fixed ration dining management
  12. Meeting attendance management
  13. Online Patrol management system
  14. Security Alarm management

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