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CCTV System

Security Camera Systems in Singapore for Home and Offices

CCTV system of Techcom Engineering Pte. Ltd. has a wide range and over the years, we have helped many households and offices with CCTV security camera installation and maintenance.

Wireless Camera for Home Security: From Installation to System Maintenance

All our cameras can produce high-quality images to fulfill your home security needs and keep you and your loved ones safe at home. Our CCTV cameras can be installed at various points from gates, garages to courtyards, hallways and more. Over the years, our wireless cameras have been used by many people from all over the world and they have all found these cameras to be extremely effective in ensuring high levels of security.

Wireless CCTV Systems for Offices in Singapore

Techcom Engineering Pte. Ltd understands the importance of keeping things safe at offices and organizations which is why we offer excellent HD CCTV cameras accompanied by a DVD recorder. Furthermore, you may install our internal camera systems at various points in your organization to monitor all locations from a single point of control. Onsite CCTV camera Installation will be performed by our experts.

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